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Intense Training

The Helpline

We've assembled a group of helpers, some of whom are coaches, doctors, therapists, and even CPAs. Join Hans & friends every episode, as they weigh in on your question or concern to provide perspective and knowledge that can help.


 "Hey Hans, I live with my partner and her 3 kids. Since the quarantine I’m hitting my limits. These aren’t my kids and my partner's parenting style is very permissive. How do I cope when I can’t interject?"

Butting in.jpg

"Hey Hans, My husband will interfere during conversations I’m having with my kids. When my kids come to ask me a question my husband will jump in before I can say a word. How do I get him to stop?"


"Hey Hans, I'm recently married and fear that I'm relying too heavily on my husband for emotional support. I've always been overly sensitive but I can feel it affecting my relationship ...." 

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