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Happy Valenmine's Day!

A Holiday For You

by Lana Lu.

Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays - so many happy days! How about a Happy "Love Yourself First" Day?

There's a day for mothers, fathers, and couples. There's a day for singles in China, which last time I checked was the largest shopping day in the world. And in Canada and the UK, there is even a day for boxes...or something like that. A day for ourselves can't be out of the question, right?

Many of us put others first during the holidays - some of us put others first all year long. We expect gifts from others on birthdays, but a "Love Yourself First" day could be a day for self-love when you remember to care for yourself, the tireless, hard-working hero that you are.

It's popular on social media to make loving yourself self-indulgent and I don't knock all of it; sure, splurge every now and then. But loving yourself is more than pampering. It is also in the smaller moments that bring serenity, compassion, and growth. Just like with gifts for loved ones we always say, "it's the thought that counts." This statement doesn't mean that cost never counts; it means we value the thoughtfulness for the gift far more than the expense of it. The same can be said of gifts for yourself.

All this to say a "Love Yourself First" day doesn't have to be costly. It can be inexpensively creative yet incredibly valuable. Think of the qualities that make your life happy and consider activities that rejuvenate, strengthen and encourage your mind and heart.

A "Love Yourself First" day could represent a day of healing and a halt to the grind of an overly stressed environment. It could be the day you listen to your body and charge your compassion batteries for yourself and those you care for most. It could be a day for yourself, wholly designed by you.

Whether you spend it alone or with friends, the important thing is to gift yourself something that serves a need, promotes growth or honors self-appreciation. After all, the love we have for ourselves not only supports our own happiness - it also reveals how well we love others. If we can only give what we have, we must love ourselves first to love others best.

So how can you get a bit of "LYF" time every month? What days will you pick? What if there was an actual holiday for the day? What month and day would you make it?

How about February? The love month, of course! And the day - well the first. And what would we call the annual "LYF" day celebration? Well, the "valen" in Valentine's name means health, strength, and worthiness.

Eureka!! Valenmine's Day it is: a day that reminds you of your strength, your value on this planet, and the gift you are to the people you love! If that sounds good to you, join the movement! Let's go!

Here's to more "Love Yourself First" days every month and to more "LYF" time throughout the year. And may every February 1st remind you that you're more than worth it! ~φ

Happy Valenmine's Day to you! 2/1/∞


Lana is an undergraduate student-athlete studying psychology, public health and business.

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