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"Everyone is Saying I Should Invest."

Mr. Fielding from Somewhere, California writes ... Hey Hans, Everyone is saying I should invest, but I'm worried about the risk. If everything goes south, is it better to have hard cash? Should I pay down credit?

Hi Mr. Fielding,

Thanks for writing in. You ask an excellent question. Without knowing all the details (and even if I did), the best answer I can give is, "it depends."

I did, however, consult to two successful professionals in the space. Yousef Parvizi is a Silicon Valley career, life, and money coach. JD Miller is a financial planner and CPA. We discussed your query and other smart investment principles in general. Enjoy!

The top 3 Take-ways:

1. Create a written down plan and timeline for how you want to live and by when

2. Use a long-term investment strategy

3. Pay off your debt, but not necessarily all of it ( it depends on #1)

The Intelligent Investor, First Edition (1949)

If you're genuinely interested in the stock market, check out the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham (1949). It is essentially the investment bible with financial wisdom that has proved the test of time. You'll learn all about the mindset necessary to invest well for a lifetime - fun fact: Ben Graham was Warren Buffet's mentor.

I hope that helps a little. Take the best of care. ~Hans


Hans is an ICF-certified executive coach at Inner Confidential, specializing in mental fitness and methodologies for healthy organizations, and a NASM CPT specializing in weight loss and behavior change at the SoFit Network.

Disclaimer: The Helpline Podcast is not a crisis resource. If you are in a crisis and need immediate help, please contact your local emergency services or go to the nearest emergency room.

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